It’s taken me 2 years to make an introduction video to my channel (or channel trailer as they call them, but that sounds a bit too TV, when we just make a video diary doesn’t it?). Not because this is an epic video. It isn’t. But because so much goes on in our lives and we share so many different things, it was hard to sum it all up into 1 minute. To have something for everyone. Those who follow my parenting things and those who follow my fertility journey. 

I’ve finally bitten the bullet and decided, I can’t get it perfect so let’s just go for it!

So if you are new, or you’ve been here a while and are still wondering what’s going on or how this all came about, have a watch. I’ve been hinting at some news for a while too, but this makes it official. Hope you’ll be coming along for the adventure. 


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