August Meal Plan 1

August Meal Plan 1

It’s been a while since we did a meal plan. Like I mentioned in our little “life lately” update, I haven’t been the most organised now I’m working full-time. We definitely eat healthier and spend less when we meal plan though so here goes!

kaboompics_Breakfast served with tea, bread and eggs

First on my list is making a treat for the week. We don’t generally buy snacks in for me and Steve so this is a little indulgence…Baklava. Have you tried it? It’s incredibly more-ish and amazing with a cup of tea (which I can’t have because of the new braces wah!).

On to meals. It’s mainly vegetarian and Josh’s lunch boxes for nursery have been veggie lately too which he hasn’t noticed (fake ham you are a life saver!). We’ve also decided to go back to roast dinners on the weekends after we had one at our friends Sam and James the other week. There is something so homely about a roast dinner isn’t there?

kaboompics_Fresh Strawberries


kaboompics_Exotic fruits on a wooden table

Saturday | Roast – Meat for the boys, vegetarian pie for me, roast potatoes, honey carrots, broccoli, yorkshire puddings and peas.

Sunday | Chilli con carne with brown rice and coconut yoghurt (with vegetarian mince and lashings of cumin)

Monday | Pesto pasta (a nice quick dish so I can get out of the door to pilates)

Tuesday | Not needed

Wednesday | Superfood salad (wholemeal couscous, roast carrots, courgettes and peppers, lots of cumin seeds)

Thursday | Home date night BBQ with everything we made in our Vegetarian BBQ recipe video

Friday | Veggie coronation chicken,  jacket potato and salad

Saturday | Broccoli fritters and sweet potato fries and salad

Sunday | Satay noodles

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