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I’m really enjoying writing these little diary entries. Steve’s cooking Katsu curry while I curl up on the sofa for a moment, watching Goggle Box highlights on catchup. It’s been a busy day and the first time I’ve sat down to do anything for myself. Hot chocolate with a hefty marshmallow is on the table and a blanket over my toes.

Did you write in a diary as a kid? I used to write in it every week (more if I’d been dumped ha). I remember me and my best friends back then, writing lists of the boys we liked in it, doodling wedding dresses and planning outfits for the next village disco (Debenham was where is was at he he!). Now I write on here. Still as much boy talk, but now over my husband and son. How times change.

This week was pretty unexpected. Firstly, let’s get the sad part out of the way. I’m sure you heard about the rabbit. Sad, unexpected and just plain unlucky. Josh has been confused but trotting along like toddlers do. I can see him trying to work it out in his play. Let’s not dwell on that though. We can’t change it and I guess it’s a new lesson in his little life.

I started the weekend by going “out-out”. I know right? A rare treat. Thanks those of you on Instagram that recommended where we should go in Ipswich. Arcade Tavern is so pretty! It’s been so long we didn’t have a clue. We did vlog a bit but I haven’t been able to bring myself to watch it back yet. I caught Steve giggling with the camera Saturday morning though, so he knows more than me!

night out

Saturday was spent with chores, so in the evening we settled down to a movie and some treats hubby picked up. We’ve been sent a Now TV Box which included an NOW TV Entertainment Pass (you can choose which pass you’d like with them eg Kids, Entertainment, Movies, sports). We have another TV package at the moment but every month we say we should reduce it because of the cost. We are seriously thinking of switching to Now TV so we only choose the channels we really want and aren’t tied in (you just buy a month’s pass at a time to fit with your personal budget that month, and there’s no contract. Just cancel if you need, anytime).

We watched Sausage party. I saw some of you guys on Facebook were as surprised as us by it! Let’s just say you need to be erm open minded for that one! With candles on (that means the kids are really in bed right?), we had a giggle together. Sometimes an indoor date night is all you need.




Sunday I was treated to a lay in, before we all headed out to Josh’s swimming lesson. His face really lights up in that pool. With five children and one teacher, he can get away with being a bit cheeky however. He’s named another kid, Freddie, to be his best friend, and the pair are always plotting what they can get up to when her back is turned. Josh is definitely the ring leader! Today he managed to float as a starfish on his own. Proud mama!




Back at home, after lunch outside (yes I still haven’t painted those chairs. It’s on the list for this week!), we had planned a family movie time with Josh.  He’s never seen Disney’s Beauty and the beast, which is a tragedy isn’t it really, so we put that right. Whenever we watch a movie, it’s tradition in our house to include popcorn (only the stuff that you actually hear popping first) and hot chocolate. It’s the only way! NOW TV Kids Pass includes movies and 1000’s of episodes for £2.99 for a month. The main ones Josh was excited to watch later in the week were Paw patrol, Peter Rabbit, The Gruffalo, Rupert bear, Room on a broom and Octonauts. It means no downloading or setting things to record. When he’s finished playing and we have a little break with TV, he can choose exactly what he’d like.

You can see the hundreds of other kids shows and episodes available, if it interests you, on nowtv.com/kids-tv. They have 6 channels that are not on Freeview too (Nick Jr, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, Nicktoons and Boomerang)





Very excitingly, afterwards we told him we were going to visit a kitten. We didn’t say it was possibly to become ours. Just visiting it was exciting enough. Luckily, the little black fluffy bundle was perfect. She’s been around children already and she’s ready to leave her mum so it’s looking like she will come home to us later this week. I can’t wait to show her to you. Steve really isn’t bothered by pets but I think it’s so therapeutic to children to have animals around. Do you remember telling your family pet your problems? Or giving it a cuddle when you felt down? I’d like Josh to have that. She’s an extra teeny one as her mum and grandma are small cats also. So delicate and Josh was so gentle with her. We can’t wait!

So what has your weekend been like? And have you tried NOW TV? Should we take the plunge long-term?

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Thank you NOW TV for sponsoring this diary post. Here’s a message from them: Keep the kids entertained with awesome kids TV with a NOW TV Kids Pass or grab a NOW TV Entertainment Month Pass for the latest must-see TV shows for the rest of the family. Visit www.nowtv.com/kids-tv to start watching.

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    • September 8, 2017 / 5:53 pm

      We are looking forward to making the slow cooker version in the winter!x

  1. MumofThree
    September 5, 2017 / 1:07 pm

    I use NowTV all the time for my kids entertainment when I need the square box nanny support 😉 Great value!

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