So you’ve had an Early Menopause | Video

So you’ve had an Early Menopause | Video

Over the last year especially, I’ve sadly had more and more women message me to say they have had an Early Menopause (also known as premature ovarian failure, or ovarian insufficiency) and have felt really alone. It isn’t common but it seems we all turn to the internet in search of answers. To find others in the same situation.

Because it is so rare, especially to go through it as a teenager as I did, there are only certain questions the consultants can answer. Because each body, everyones required levels of hormones are going to be slightly different to function, our treatments all differ slightly too.

I thought it might be helpful to have a chat about the symptoms you might expect, what treatment I use and a few bits of advice I wish I’d been told. This is one of those videos where even if it only helps a handful of people it’s been worth it. If you want to find out about IVF using donor eggs too, I kept an IVF diary which you can find here


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  1. V.Ray
    October 16, 2017 / 9:24 pm

    Evening, I have just stumbled across your blog due to the wonderful world of Twitter. I was also diagnosed with An Early Menopause at just 16, at the time it did not mean anything but I knew later on in life it would be heartbreaking! We have now been trying for 5 years and had 3 rounds of IVF, 2 ending before the 12 weeks and 1 it did not result in anything. We are about to start our next round and so I am so pleased to have found someone who is putting my feelings into words! Thank you for being so brave and making it ok to talk about this xx

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