Super hero toddler bedroom tour

Super hero toddler bedroom tour

I thought when Josh became a fully fledged toddler, all that would really change in his room was him going from cot to bed (see his nursery tour here). Instead there have been lots of subtle changes. Things he’s taken control of as his personality grows. As he gets a grip on what’s important to him. Finds his quirks like Batman and his drink needing to be on his bedside table at all times. A few books must be stored on his shelf so he can sneak a peek at them after we’ve said goodnight, thinking we don’t know. There is a piece of Lego or a car hidden under his pillow at all times.

But also practical things. We’ve switched his wardrobe around so he can be a little more independent. Choose his own T-shirt, grab his own pull-up, look through his memory box, put us clothes from the day in his laundry basket. I think these little pieces of independence and responsibility have been really good for him.

So here’s a new little room tour. A no-longer-a-baby, not-yet-a-big-boy room. Still with his obsession over super heroes. Now with a little more of him. For more home interiors posts pop here

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