What I wish I’d known as a teenager

What I wish I’d known as a teenager

Whilst I am a big believer in the tricky parts of life, being what make you you, there are times I wish I could go back a bit. Sit down with my teenage self and give her a good talking too.

Teenage years are so filed by hormones, feeling uncomfortable in an ever changing body, trying to negotiate relationships, all with the pressure of school work. I’m not sure anytime finds it easy do they? I’ve also realised since making this and the comments from old school friends, that we all get so wrapped up in ourselves at that age. Not in a bad way. Just hat there is so much going on. We don’t see ourselves the ways others do. Usually we see ourselves in a far more negative perspective than others do. A lesson in the importance of a school reunion hey!

So here is what I would go back and tell that gangly, awkward, teenager…

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