Finding the calm #1

Finding the calm #1

So it seems the idea of making life a little calmer, resonated with some of you. I’m not alone in wanting to quieten down the noise of life- from social media and phones to relationships and homes.

With that in mind I thought it might be nice to write little diary entries as I make changes in our life to find that calm balance, in the hope we can all share ideas along the way.

The two main mantras I have going on at the moment are:

1. Do one thing at a time. I constantly try to multi-task. Sometimes I feel like there’s pressure that to be a successful human we should always be doing 2-3 things at once? I want to see if I enjoy each task more and also, if by giving my brain the freedom to explore one thing at a time, it can lead it to be a little more thoughtful and creative

2. Find my happy with social media. I guess a small segment of a digital detox.  There is definitely a pressure within YouTube, maybe even just life socially,  to be on every platform to be “successful”. But to me that gets too noisy. There is always a little task to do to keep it up to date. And for not that much gain sometimes (I write a lot more about social media here). Sharing stuff is a hobby. I don’t crave it as a career. So my goal is to start deleting my social media accounts, until I’m left with my happy ones. I’m pretty sure that will just be Instagram but we will see.

Today it felt good to “tweet” that I’ll be culling twitter soon so to stay in touch through insta if anyone wanted. Not gonna lie, finding the perfect gif for that felt good šŸ˜‰ I now just can’t wait for a week or so to go by to press delete. Isn’t it sad that that will feel liberating? There are a few people I’ve loved over there so I’m hoping they come with me. Sad though that an app that’s meant so much negative for me, can seem to have had such a pull because you “should” be on it? Nah mate, I “should” be being as positive as I can, to then add positivity to others. I shouldn’t have to listen to the kinds of comments I shared the other day that just wish to hurt. It’s time to put my thumbs where my thoughts are!

What can you be doing to start calming your life? Maybe pick one things to reflect on this week and push yourself to really consider what makes you truly happy x

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