Open Sandwich Recipes

Open Sandwich Recipes

Eating healthy, when your in a hurry doesn’t always seem easy. You’ve just got in from work, kiddo made a million excuses not to go to bed or you need to get out of the door in half an hour. Well this is our fall back, quick and easy dinner.



We always have part bake ciabatta or rolls in our freezer (they are usually in the brad ailse at the supermarket), and most of these ingredients in our fridge to dip into, but the beauty of this is you just work with whatever the fridge gives you.




Pop your freshly toasted bread, sliced in half on the plate and top with what works for you. Here are our faves

  • Avocado, cherry tomatoes and poached egg (we poach ours the easy Jamie Oliver way)
  • Pesto sauce, red onion, olives and crumbled feta cheese
  • Mustard, lettuce and ham
  • Peach slices, balsamic vinegar and prosceutto
  • Tuna mayo with chives and sweetcorn
  • Figgs, honey and ricotta

What do you have on yours?

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