New Years Eve Activity Bags for Kids

New Years Eve Activity Bags for Kids

We are really lucky that my old college friend is coming to stay new years eve with her 8 year old. I can’t think of anyone better to spend it with. The prefect time to reminice about old student days and dramas and our plans for 2018. That said I was a little worried about how we could make this special for a 3 and 8 year old. She came up with activity bags and I shared a pic on instagram stories. Well it seems you guys would like to know what’s in them, so now they are set up, here goes!



The pretty paper bags were from Hobbycraft. They had them in white also.

8pm Cooking! I picked up these little bottles in B&M. One has cookie dough ingredients, the other cupcakes. Josh was given some decorating items for Christmas. I figured putting these first, they will be ready to eat before the next bag.

9pm Games! Pound land has a dupe of the “say it don’t spray it” game, complete with cards to say. I’ve also popped Dobble in there. Josh is too young to play this version, but I’ll make him the umpire (I hear you can get a toddler version though). It’s a really simple game, you win by being the quickest of the mark and it always leads to giggles and screams of “did you cheat?!”

10pm Photo props (these super hero ones were from Hobbycraft) and a treasure hunt around the house for sweets.

11pm Time capsule questions. We were originally going to make time capsules, but it seems pretty hard to get hold of cannisters that will last outside, so instead it’s a questionnaire to keep each year and say aaw, cry or giggle over in years to come.

12pm Fireworks (this family set from the range doesn’t contain any big bangs for little ones like Josh that fear them), and party poppers and confetti canons.

Feel free to add any ideas below of things you’d add to the bags for others coming across this post and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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