February Meal Plan

February Meal Plan

I’ve mentioned before that we only do one big food shop a month. I love cooking but hate the time spent making shopping lists or being in grocery stores. And it works for us. Each time we cook, we make double so we have another meal for either the next day or to pop in the freezer for the busier ones. We only pop out for top ups of bread, milk and fruit.

So this is our meal plan. We don’t assign days, we just pick one from the list on the fridge as we go along. I try to cook 90% of the time from fresh (or a home made meal from the freezer) and keep them as either slow cooker meals I can pop on in the morning after the nursery run or dishes that are ready in under 30 minutes because time always seems to be running away lately! I’ve linked the recipes I can, but just comment below if you need one that isn’t linked and I’ll let you know.

I hope it gives you a little meal inspo as I love seeing these lists!

Allotment vegetable pizza (on wholemeal wraps instead of pizza base)

Brown rice onion biryani

Sweet potato and aubergine coconut curry

Watercress, Pea and potato soup

Superfood salad

Vegetable lasagne and salad

Aubergine balti and peas pilau rice

Creamy vegetable caserole

Med veg, ciabatta and halloumi

Vegetarian sausages with mash (we like the Linda McCartney versions)

Pesto pasta

Roast dinner

Carrot and lentil soup

Veggie burgers

Persian rice pudding with rhubarb

Ginger cocktail

Red cooked chicken

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  1. February 2, 2018 / 11:24 pm

    I love your idea of monthly planning. I think it could really work for us as a family. Especially the picking the meal of the list for the following g day.
    I might give it a try this month.

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