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The creations on my blog and YouTube channel centre on the beauty we find in family life, an honest account, with the added elements that IVF and Adoption bring. We are big foodies so you will also find a variety of fresh recipes too.

I’ve work very hard on my “little” blog and videos and it surprises me every day with its growth.
I take my blog very seriously, posting regularly with love and nurturing this space. I genuinely care about my tribe and enjoy the chatter. It keeps life interesting, and helps people feel less alone in the world we find ourselves in today?
How Are We Doing?

We are consistently in the Top 30  UK Parenting Blogs with a Klout score of between 82-83 each month (see our sidebar for the current score). We were finalists in the Mumsnet Awards 2015 and 2016 for “best vlogger” and finalists in the National Adoption Awards, both of which were viewer nominated.  We were pipped as “Ones To Watch” by Peg in the Youtuber Mums category.

Stats as of September 2016

Tots100 chart position 156 (out of over 10,000)

Blog: Between 5000-8000 views a month

Youtube: 29,000 views a month

Audience: Mainly UK, 18-44 and majority female.

Social media total 24,000+

Our YouTube channel has over 3550 friendly subscribers, growing by over 300 a month, who are a super chatty bunch, mainly getting in contact on youtube, Facebook and Instagram.

We are also sponsored vloggers for Channel Mum, the UK’s first YouTube channel aimed specifically at mums, with ITV as its Godfather who manage our youtube bookings. Their ethos is to show the honest face of life, something I think is really important for everyones sanity!

 We have been featured in local news (see the BBC Suffolk, BBC Look East, Ipswich Star here and Swindon Advertiser here) and National News and magazines eg Essentials Magazine, as well as niche audiences for you to access in adoption and fertility publications. I also love a good chat on the radio and have appeared on TV (which makes me a little more nervous!).

brands worked with-01

We have worked with a number of large and small brands, all with happy endings. Our videos have been featured on CNN. I have made videos specifically for brands, leading full projects from producing story boards, briefing to editing the final video.

Examples of our work

Blog Review of Events and Attractions click here

Blog Reviews of A Product click here

Example of a Weekly Vlog Diary here

Example of our Channel Mum Video here 

See an advice video here

Example of a haul video here

A video with made in collaboration with Boots

Video of a day in the life while in Prague click below

If you have any questions, please get in contact to discuss with me using my contact page or to work with us on a video contact Channel Mum to say you’d like to work with Jules Furness at

We look forward to hearing from you.

Disclaimer:We conform to Google guidelines. This blog contributes to my families living, therefore it is for profit. However as I love my blog and my readers, I only promote businesses that I like and believe in. Anyone who knows me can tell you honesty is a big deal to me. We will always inform readers/viewers if a blog post or video is sponsored etc, this is not negotiable.